Friday, December 30, 2005

Ok, ok, I'll rake the leaves, maybe

Walking out to get the mail the other day I noticed that the front yard was covered in a blanket of snow, or should I say leaves. Watching the wind blow the leaves of the oak tree, it did resemble a snow storm. So many leaves were blowing, not falling, onto the ground that I could not longer see the lawn. I had already swept them up once. As I looked up there were still a lot of leaves left on this deciduous (big word for a blond)tree, even with the wind pushing them off the tree. Gotta rake again, I guess. After going back into the house, I noticed something else. The tallow tree in my neighbor's back yard. Now this tree sits right at the fence between our two back yards. I am not a real fan of tallow trees. They grow fast and provide quick shade in the summer, but they have annoying fruit/nuts that seem to be around all year long. They really create a mess and have a tendency to propagate the entire neighborhood, kind of like the horny dog the neighbor's have. That's odd, I thought as I looked out the kitchen window. The tallow tree had decided this would be a good day to throw up on my back yard. I guess it held on as long as it could. But the rush to relieve itself of it's leaves was just too much for it. So, there in the corner of my backyard lay yet another blanket of leaves. Funny how they weren't there the previous day. Yet again I am reminded why I dont like tallow trees. Of all the leaves covering the yard, these are the ones that blow around the most and stick to the shoe bottoms the most. In the morning when it is wet is when they seem to enjoy visiting the inside of the house. Like the mother-in-law who wont leave they seem to be a constant reminder of the trouble they have produced. So, I guess I have to rake the back yard now. Maybe I can pull a Tom Sawyer act on my son. Oh Pat, this is such fun, dont you want to help?