Monday, December 19, 2005

Crunch Time

First I must say Thank God for small favors. Finally Jason may have a job. If he passes the background check they can move to Brownwood where he would work with the USAD processing rural home loans. He did this on a temp basis a while back. Now to show just how organized our wonderfull federal government is he has to pass a background check. Funny, he had applied for a job in their Angleton office where they did a background check. Now they need to do another one for the same job but in a different location? Huh!? But, that our tax dollars being well spent!

So, we are almost done with our shopping... This year cheap is the code word. Sorry kids, no TVs or DVD players this year!

We will have most of the family here Sunday for dinner. Amanda will go to her mother's on Sat and here Sunday. My son and his girl friend will come over Sunday. He is so glad he can come here this year, after having to visit his almost ex-wife's family every year. The El Paso bunch can't come since they came for T-Giving. The one thing that gets me, however, is my daughter in Aransas Pass. How come she can tell Annie in El Paso what we can expect but she can't tell me? I found out from Annie last week that Traci and her family will be here the day after Christmas. Of course this is the woman who wont call, would rather e-mail usually when She wants something. I checked my e-mail this am to see if she had e-mailed me her plans. Of course not Grrr!


S said...

Woohoo on Jason's job prospect!!

I hear ya on the cheap this year, it's a skinny christmas here too.

I find waiting to hear other family member's plans annoying. Which is why we just tend to stay home & do our own thing. Makes it so much easier not to offend each other's Mother's by just "claiming" we have no one to watch the dog for us. *evil grin*