Friday, December 16, 2005

Ah, So Peaceful

I love this time of the morning. Had my first cup of coffee, the dogs are quiet. That is to say that Daisy has not decided to start yapping at Lady and Astro is not yelling yet. Husband is off to work and I am here in the peaceful quiet. Love it. Then I start to think of what I should be doing... Maybe I will maybe I wont. Finished the tree yesterday. Had to buy some plain ornaments in purple cause I have too much white and red. I was looking for some pretty green, but couldnt find any I liked. Well maybe I'll find some tomorrow. Man if you have not done a tree by now you are just about out of choices for decorations as I have discovered. I might have to go to Michael's or Garden Ridge for some green that I like. Then again I may just wait till next year. Husband's party is this afternoon. Wonder what the menu is? Beer, beer, beer??? They usually cater either turkey, ham or Mexican. Yesterday the weather guys were predicting a little snow on Tuesday (fat chance) but now it maybe too warm. Last year we had a light dusting but I guess not this year. We had 5 inches of rain the other day. At least that's what my rain gauge said. Ah, the peace is about to be broken. I hear Lady whining downstairs. So much for peace and quiet.


cube said...

Peace & quiet is a scarce commodity at our house at any time, but especially so this time of year. You've got to snatch a few minutes here & there, if you can.

maria said...

I love the peaceful early mornings.
It is like the world belongs to

Of course, it doesn't take long
to hear the rush of the cars outside the window.The kids
talking and being silly on their
way to school.

Well, there is always tomorrow...
early in the morning where the
world again will be mine....