Monday, December 05, 2005

Decorating Diva and other Dreams

Crabby woman has left the building. After some peace and quiet and a little rest, it's time to get busy making this house look forward to Christmas. My cold is better, though my nose still seems to run faster than an F-16 can fly. So we put up the tables and I am now standing, climbing and crawling under, over and around to get the Dickens Village going. Got to get old London going. Then the tree and other decorations can go up. My mother was an artist and I inherited the "artist eye" but not the ability. So it really takes some effort. My one track mind is in overdrive trying to get all this done. After all, got to speak to Santa. Havent done any shopping. Funny we talked about doing it early, somehow like everything else, not done yet.

So, we watched the Texas destroy Colorado in the Big 12 Championship. How did Colorado get there anyway? Talk about a laugher! It really looks like the Rose Bowl will be a very good game! Can't say the same for the Houston Texans. Once again for the second week in a row, the Texans found a new way to snatch defeat out of the mouth of victory. It's embarrassing. Wonder who will be the coach next year?

Well, it's time to take the clothes out of the dryer. Then when I finish my coffee,it's back to the tables, then I need to clean up the mess. Who says I can't multi-task? Gotta get it done, gotta get it done. All right already!


S said...

I'm glad your cold is doing better. Nothing worse than being sick.