Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Wait...slow down!

Christmas is over. We had a nice visit with my stepdaughter and my son, his girlfriend and her son. Annie and Jason went with his parents to be with his family. Traci and her family did not show. Annie had said she was told Traci & family would be here the day after Christmas. I suspect she must have meant next week end. Heaven knows we heard not a word from Traci. Any way, Jimmy and I watched the new Batman movie and the unrated Dukes movie. Then we watched them again when Pat, Amanda, Heather and Logan were here. I think I am way to critical about the current crop of movies. I liked the Batman one ok but I still like the TV version was the best. I was not impressed with the unrated Dukes. Again, I still like the TV one better.

So where is time going so fast. Christmas is over. Wasn't it just summer? The new year will soon be here. I would rather slow down time. I blink and another year has gone. What happened to winter. The week before Christmas the weather people were teasing us with the slight possibility of snow at Christmas, Today we may reach 80.Did I miss a season? Baseball spring training is right around the corner and the NFL draft is not far behind. Slow down will ya. You're driving me crazy too fast. Not that it would be that far of a trip.

I did get a laugh from Queen Latifa's WalMart commercial continuation.Clever way to push her movie.

I am ready to take all the decorations down now. Funny, seems that once the presents are opened and the meals are eaten, I am ready to move on. Maybe I need to slow down too. If only I could. Time moves too fast now. Slow down a little, please!


cube said...

We don't take down the decorations until January 6th. It gives us a little time to enjoy all that hard work.

S said...

*blush* We took down our Christmas tree that afternoon & the rest of the decorations around the house. I left up the small 4 ft tree as it is out of the way. Yesterday we took down the lights on the house "just in case" next weekend wasn't as nice.

I'm like you........ what happened to winter? However with kids at home, it's nice to be able to send them out back to play for a bit so I can catch my breath. I do wish there was more time between Christmas & New Year...... part of me is ready for 2006 but the other part thinks if we give 2005 a little bit longer....... perhaps it wouldn't suck as much? LOL!

Glad you had a nice Christmas!