Thursday, December 01, 2005

Crabby Woman Warning

I'm crabby today. I rarely get sick, in fact it been a few years since I had so much as a sniffle. As a result, I'm crabby. I feel like my head is a fish bowl minus the fish. Yesterday I decided to get started on the Christmas (excuse me-Holiday) decorations. I put out some decorative candles. That's as far as I got. I have boxes of stuff to work on and have no desire to do any of it. We've been thinking of not putting up our Dickens Village but I may have to anyway cause the kids always want to see it. It's not Christmas without Mom's Village. Because I am crabby nothing suits me and little things are irritating me. Daisy is barking furiously at Lady. Better watch out dog! I'm making soup in the crock-pot today. It had better come out good! Annie calls me last night to ask if Pat is mad because she accidently went back to El Paso with his girl friend's DVD movie. Pat and Heather are mad.He says cause Annie borrowed a movie and it took nearly 2 years to return it. Not my problem man. I asked Annie why she didnt just send it back and she said she had not had a chance to go to the post office and didnt know his address. Jeez!! I'm still mad about the way Traci and Bobby are treating Cheyanne. Grrr. So in between sneezes, nose runnings and occasional coughs I have to do the laundry and figure out how I am going to get all the decorating done and buy and wrap gifts. I have no real desire to do any of it but I have to keep moving. Then, when I went out yesterday I forgot to get wine, so that has me pissed off. I don't like to waste time going out for just one thing. Then I see the story of Tom Cruise buying the sonogram machine for his private use. Those things are dangerous to a fetus if used too often. God, he's such an idiot. Sorry, I'm being crabby again. Thank God I am on the no-call list. I pity the telemarketer who would try to call me today. Oh well, sooner or later it will get better. And Santa Claus said he'd bring me a million dollars! Right!


Anonymous said...

Sorry that you feel yucky!
That is a real bummer, I feel kinda yucky myself today!
Hope you get better soon!

Bone said...

Get well soon.

I've always thought I wanted to set up little Christmas scenes all over the house when I "grow up." Still waiting on that, I guess.

S said...

Tag, You're it! :-)

And shake outta those crabby pants Missy! *grin*

cube said...

We all get a little crustaceany at times.