Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Good Morning America , What a Great American Morning

Is this a great country or what? Where else can we have George Bush taking a trip and Britney Spears on GMA! As I nearly spewed my coffee,there's the shot of Britney visiting a group of young girls. While I'm not a fan, the pre-teen girls enjoyed her visit. Most of what I've seen Ms Spears do, I think, could be done around a pole in a strip club. Just think, young girls learning moves the late "Candy Bar" did. Frightening! Think I'll see what's on Fox News. Hey, Tiki Barber is co hosting the early Fox News show. I think he has a future in broadcasting, really. He holds his own very well, and appears interested in what is being discussed.

Everybody remembers that NBC cancelled "The Book of Daniel" after only a few episodes. Does anyone remember the highly hyped show that ABC pulled after one episode or why they pulled it?

How do you measure the intelligence of a quarterback. Funny, how fast the story about Vince Young got around. Some people are saying that his new agents and advisors did not prepare him for the Wonderlic intelligence test. Apparently the NFL, at the combine, used this test on the future players in addition to all the physical tests. Wildfires erupted when it was said that Young only scored a 6 on the 50 question test. Most of the guys scored 14-16 and quarterbacks in the past have usually scored near 20. Charley Casserly, Texans GM was quick to say the score was erroneous. Wonder what his score would be. Of course most of these NFL hopefuls take the test more than once. Too bad somebody didnt tell Young.

Roger Clemens again warmed up by pitching to the Astros' minor league, including his son, Koby. Koby took Roger for a homer on the first pitch, so Roger repaid him by buzzing the younger Clemens high and inside next time up. Sounds like such fun.

So as the morning erupts, I escort Daisy and Lady on their rounds. The birds are glaringly loud, demanding to be fed. Hey, you guys need to chase that squirrel off your feeder, not me! Yipee, I see that the weed and feed stuff is begining to work. Some of the weeds are already dying off.

The musical "Oklahoma" had a song "Oh, what a beautiful morning" in it. Just think about today...Britney Spears on Good Morning America and later the President gears up to visit the Middle East. Oh, and don't forget the Supreme Court of the United States will hear the ex-playmate Anna Nicole Smith's case against her late husband's estate. Wonder what she'll wear? A day with two blonds and a boob can't be all bad, can it? You figure out which one is the boob. Maybe they all are?


cube said...

Tiki is on FOX on Tiki Tuesdays. He has a tendency to talk over other people & he laughs way too much. He is green, though, & will learn more poise.

Brittney is a twit.

And I'm not happy about the President going to India & Pakistan. IMO he should stay home.

S said...


Is it baseball season yet???