Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Cats Out, Plants In

I haven't noticed any cat trails in the "litterbox" flowerbed lately. I did plant a couple of tomato plants and a sweet pepper and a bell pepper there. Then I took the old pots of cactus that I have had for a long time and put them in the corners. Guess the cats don't like to get stuck. I still wonder about one of the neighbors who leaves his second floor window open all night so his cat can "hangout".

Now I have to wonder when my landlady will send someone to mow and clean up the "yard". I have seen someone mowing and cleaning up the yard area of one of the three buildings. But our building and the one next door have not had anything done yet. Weeds are high both in front and back. We don't have any weeds in front by the parking lot, but the other building does. Of course we dont have much in the way of grass or even dirt in some places. Then again, when it rains all the dirt in the area along the walkways leaks out into the sidewalk. But the buttercups are doing well along the other side and back. Best looking weeds in the neighborhood!

I did clean out a lot of the airplane plants along the side of the "patio". So in a "public service" announcement, please do not plant airplane plants in a garden. They will rapidly take over all space and roots will be everywhere. I still have not gotten all the root dug up. What a mess. I was able to plant some caladiums and a couple of marigolds. I did find something strange when I was trying to clean out the space-several colored plastic stones. I picked out 5 of them. I have no idea how many are still buried in the dirt. Funny when I dug a garden along the side of the house where we used to live, I found plastic "crystals" buried in the dirt too. Odd. I wonder if it is some kind of cultural thing?

Now I am looking for some production out of what I planted. Hope springs eternal.


cube said...

When we put in our pool this summer, we found a stone alligator-shaped planter that had been buried. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

I like airplane plants as hanging plants. It's just when they touch earth that they become gargantua.