Tuesday, August 07, 2007

It Had To Happen

Have you seen the latest in dog toys? Someone has come up with a dog chew toy in the image of Michael Vick. Seeing a picture of Michael Vick in his Falcons uniform should make dogs all over the world happy. While companies are dumping the Vick name as fast as they can, you had to figure it would not take long to find a dog toy like this. There is no telling how long these will be around since they probably infringe on copyrights but it should be interesting. I am sure there will be a lot of jokes about these. I understand they cost about $10.99, not including shipping. I wonder if my dogs would like to chew on Michael Vick, the toy? I have to wonder how many people would buy this? Maybe the PETA people? Would you buy one? Next thing you know, we will be seeing them sold on the late night infomercials. Think, I'll have to hide the credit card from my dogs!


pineapple said...

I would enjoy watching my dogs destroy a vick doll, but I don't think it would mean all that much to them since they destroy almost all of their toys. I just can't see myself paying $11 plus shipping to watch my dogs destroy a toy in 10 seconds. The person that decided to sell them should make a few quick bucks.