Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Which Fragrance Will You Buy?

Ah yes, it is one week until Christmas. People are feverishly looking for gifts. Commercials tell us what to buy and where to get it. They are all trying to catch our attention. I was thinking of different gifts that I have gotten or given over the years. One of the traditional gifts has always been fragrances. It was something that could be give to just about anyone. Parents liked them. Kids did too. Over the years it has become a big business.

Women now have so many fragrances from which to choose. Once we thought we were special when we got Channel #5. Men were given Old Spice. Now there are almost too many to choose from to decide. Victoria Secret has several. Most high end department stores have expensive choices for both women and men. It seems like almost every designer has a line of perfumes and colognes to go along with their clothing lines. What celebrity doesn't have one these days? Somehow I don't think I will be buying any perfume from Ms. Spears. I see that Stetson is still around. I can't believe that Brut has been around since 1964. Joe Namath sold it. Of course he wore panty hose in a commercial too, but that is another story.

What does a man buy for his girl or wife? There is so much to choose from. Does he sneak into the bathroom and look at what she uses. Or does he just ask? Maybe he asks the kid what kind Mom uses. Women don't really worry about what cologne to get for the man. They buy the one they like. And of course these days there are a lot of choices.

And then I saw the commercial for just the right man. Of course he must like stock car racing. A special fragrance for the man who loves racing-Daytona 500. So what does a cologne named for a car race smell like? Motor oil and sweat? How about a little fuel behind the ears. Mix in a little smoking tire and brakes smell. Ummm, just what a manly man wants. Just tell Santa!


pineapple said...

I forgot about Joe Namath and the pantyhose! Awesome! But I am wondering, can I get the racing cologne at the auto parts store?

Margaret said...

I stick with my old favorites and rarely do I find something new that I like. Usually I'll walk by someone and if it's different and smells good I make sure to ask. I just found a new fragrance this year.. Amerige.

I asked for two bottles of it this year.

maria said...

When I was in my "springtime" years, I fell in love with a waiter where we used to go dancing,just because of his cologne.

He wouldn't tell me what it was, said that it was his "secret weapon".

The smell was just driving me crazy. So I went to a drugstore at Xmas time and ask the counter girl to let me sniff all the men's cologne. And sure enough I FOUND out which one it was.

It was called "Elizabeth Arden for Men".

Unfortunately, I can't find this one anymore. I would love to get it for my husband.


Bazza said...

Sadly with all these new ones a lot of the old ones that we knew and loved have fallen off the radar. I have a simple method when buying for wifey, I buy one that I can afford and hope for the best!

Dr.John said...

Just stopped by to wish you and yours a merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.

Anonymous said...

Fragrance? For years now I jusr use a vanilla scented lotion. Too many kids are asthmatic so no heavy fragrance in my classroom.