Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Nutty People

I sometimes wonder why people do things. Then again, do they even think about what they do? We have a friend who is a successful CPA near Washington, DC. She and another friend of ours who lives in Alabama decided to take a cruise together. So, while our CPA friend is a single woman, our male friend has a girl friend. Of course as things go, while on the cruise they got drunk one night and well, you know the rest. But wait, it gets worse. After our gal-pal got home she decided to hire a private detective to find the girl friend of the guy! She fully intends to confront the girl friend with the news that the guy hooked up with her while away from his own girl friend! When I heard this, all I could think to say was "aw,come on! Grow up!" I just find it hard to believe that a smart, intelligent woman over 40 would stoop to this. Jeez! Somebody needs to have a chat with this woman.

Then I have to wonder what is up with some of our neighbors.First, I wish I knew which one keeps putting their garbage bags out days before the garbage truck is due to come. Do they really think that animals will not get into those cheap plastic bags? And of course they never pick up the scattered trash. Oh, and then there are a couple of neighbors in the other buildings who have apparently forgotten where the lines are in the parking lots. I went out to walk Daisy this morning and saw three vehicles parked cross-wise across the parking slots. What's up with that? I know that one has recently gotten an SUV so maybe they have not learned to park very well since they back that big thing in, But that doesn't explain the other cars and why they are taking up extra spaces. Maybe someone should tell them?

And the really funny, sort of, thing is that apparently our landlady sent someone out to trim some of the shrubs. While that is good, they left all the cut off branches right where they fell. They did not pick them up. Plus they did not even trim all the shrubs and only did a half ass job on others. Who is going to clean up that mess? I guess some people need constant supervision or training. I wonder how long those branches will stay where they are? Maybe they think the guy who mows and weed-eats will pick up the mess. Ha! Not gonna happen. They don't pick up their mess either!

I sure hope the Jehovah's Witnesses who descended on the neighborhood this morning enjoy walking in this heat. I ran into them before 9:00 am and it was already hot and humid. Maybe I should offer them a shower with a hose?


Dr.John said...

What a kind and generous person to think of giving those poor people a shower with the hose.

dmarks said...

" I wish I knew which one keeps putting their garbage bags out days before the garbage truck is due to come"

At least someone picks them up sometime. And the residents put the trash in bags. In Detroit, you often have neither, and on a windy day it looks like the "Synchronity II" music video.

cube said...

People who have soap opera lives are usually the ones responsible for all the melodrama they run into all the time.

How does a woman go on a cruise with a guy who has a girlfriend? How is the girlfriend OK with her boyfriend going on a cruise with another woman?

These people are responsible for these situations they've created.

As for the other nuts, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of personal responsibility or honor in folks any more.

cube said...

BTW I left out how does a guy with a girlfriend go on a cruise with another woman? Don't want to just jump on the ladies and let the cad cruise.

Unknown said...

Yeah, the cruise bit did seem to cause some questions by the friends about the odd choices. Word was the guy was a "player" and the gal was just a friend...