Friday, May 02, 2008

What's That? A White Convertible?

Ah, just the sight of it sitting in the parking lot brings a smile to my face. Too bad it is now really dirty and even has some grease on the sides. How am I going to get that off? That car really needs a bath or two. After over two months of being car-less, just the fact that it sits there at my disposal makes me feel better. Now I guess I will have to get the oil changed since it has been driven all over Houston. Jimmy is very happy to have his truck back. I have never seen a person crawl into a car, but that is how he gets in. At least I won't have to listen to him complain anymore.

I guess his buddies will be glad they don't have to listen to him complain, either. For weeks they have been trying to get it repaired. When the bracket that holds the power steering pump broke. they had to weld it back together. He was lucky that he was near a parking lot when it broke. They were able to spot weld it together so that he could get back to the office. Then the fun began. They had to take off just about everything from the air filter, to the power steering, alternator, a/c and all the belts to get to the bracket to repair it. That was a major operation. Bolts, nuts, hoses, and other stuff everywhere. Somethings were easy to take off but others were a real pain. Then who knew how hard it would be to get it back together. Getting together at the same time on the weekends was the hard part. Marvin would tell Jimmy to call him, then he would not answer the phone. Or Jimmy would be busy. Then it would rain. Finally, crunch time. The truck was due for inspection at the end of April and needed at least two tires. So, they finally got it back together late Wednesday, but it was too late to get tires or an inspection. So yesterday he got home early enough to get tires and the inspection. Yipee! I don't know who is happier. Our poor car had tools and stuff in the trunk and stuff inside the car. What a mess. So this morning we got all his stuff out of the car and threw it into the truck. My baby is back! Poor thing, a Trans Am is just not a good work truck.

Now I can run my errands early in the day instead of having to wait until late afternoon when the traffic is a mess. I hate standing in line for things. Now if we can just get it cleaned up. I wonder what would be good to get the grease off the sides. Now I am going to have to find some kind of white or clear tape to hold together the edges of the convertible top to keep them from tearing more than they already have. That has been a problem since we don't have covered parking. Oh well. At least I have transportation again. On the other hand there is still one mystery. When they finished putting things back together, one long bolt is left over. They have no idea where it was supposed to go. Hum...


cube said...

A supernumerary bolt is one of 2 things... either it's a really big deal and you'd know right away, or it's probably no big deal.

For your sake I hope it's the latter.

Dr.John said...

Concerning the bolt. I once bought a new cheverolet which had a strange rattle. They opened some thing up and found a big bolt that in no way belonged to the wagon. But there it was. So it might just be a weird extra.