Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Hands are Cold

It is 57 degrees now and we have really low humidity. Last night the temperatures went way down. We hit 40 degrees for our low this morning. We still haven't turned on the heater. I hate the way it is always hot upstairs and cold downstairs. But I guess I will check it out in a little while. It is a little chilly in here. Lady and Daisy keep looking for a sunny spot. It seems that every time I sit down in my chair, Lady begs to sit with me. Then she sits there shivering. Daisy seems to prefer the comforter on the couch. Now if she could just learn not to let it fall off. She likes to burrow under the blanket but sometimes it falls to the floor. Then she looks over at me. "Fix it."

I like the cooler weather. It is nice not to have to run the air conditioner or the heater. Around here the temperatures are getting cooler but then again Friday and Saturday should be back to running the ac as the temperatures are supposed to go back up to 80 again. But tonight should be interesting. All the weather guys are saying to expect a "cold" night tonight. Of course "cold" is a relative term. I know some people have already had snow. But for us, tonight may hit a record of 39 degrees. That's not cold to everybody but for us if the temperature hits or goes below 39, we will hit or break a record set in 1910. Break out the coats and gloves! We'll put the shorts back on this week-end.

I guess we might be making some chili this week-end. Let me re-phrase that. Jimmy will be making chili this week-end. At least that is what he has been talking about. It's a good thing I save containers cause when he makes chili he makes a lot of chili...

Now I have to wonder if the World Series game will be able to be completed. I heard it is supposed to rain again in Philly. Just when the Rays were doing better. Wonder what is going on in Bud's evil little mind?

Ok , now I have to get out of this corner and go warm up my hands and feet. That is if those two dogs who are currently giving me the eye don't want to go out. Too late, where's the leash?


Jan said...

Our dogs don't like the cooler weather. I practically have to lift two of them outside. Fortunately it will be in the mid 80s here today.

Dr.John said...

It was 28 degrees when I got up this morning. No way will we go without the furnace. The stupid dog still wanted to for a walk.
I know we won't see 80 again until next summer.