Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Odds & Ends, In and Out

It is hard to believe I've been here almost 6 months.

Happy 14th birthday to my granddaughter Cheyanne.

I guess we Astros fans will have to be content to wait 'til next year, again. Have you seen Roy Oswalt's website? He's also on Twitter. Yes, really. I would like to commend another Astro, Aaron Boone. He has been activated and is ready to play, barely 5 months after having open heart surgery. All I can say is- Amazing!

Did you know that there is a Twitter soap opera? It's called "Chicago to Coronado". I guess it had to happen. It even has a black lab as one of the characters.

This week-end should be interesting for some of the family. Traci, Cheyanne, Brad, and Annie are going to Houston for a birthday bash. Annie and Pat, Cheyanne, Amanda and Aryn have birthdays close to each other. Of course Aryn is grounded, yet again, and won't be able to go. That is unless she gets ungrounded. That remains to be seen.

So this week-end it probably will be Bobby, Aryn, and me here by ourselves. I was looking forward to some peace and quiet, but with the "Drama Queen" under house arrest I don't know how much "quiet" we will have.

I've been waiting for some inspiration but I guess it got lost. So, what should I do first? Sneak attack the dogs for a bath, or go play on Facebook? Hum. Hey Daisy...


cube said...

I would urge you to bathe the dogs... I can smell them from here ;-)

Unknown said...


Dr.John said...

Do the dogs. They always need a bath.

Katie Bel said...

The CHICAGO TO CORONADO (C2CSoap) Creative Team would like to thank you for taking the time to make mention of our love story on your blog. We hope you're enjoying what you have read and will continue to come back for more! Get involved with the story, tell us what you think should happen next, and maybe even make a guest appearance as a hero, villain, victim, hottie, harlot -- you decide! To join in on the fun follow the main story: and @ or D her saying you want to be a guest star on C2CSoap. Thank you for the support!

Community Manager
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