Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Used to Do It but Now I Don't Remember

Uh, now how do I do this again? Have you ever thought about something you hadn't done in a long time? When you thought of that did it occur to you that you might not remember how to do it? Do you ever really forget things, or wish you could?

The other day my son in law said something about fixing a favorite meal. We all have meals that we have as our "specialty" to cook. Some people grill steaks very well. Others make great chili or soup. In the South there are people who make really good Southern fried chicken. Here in Texas there are people who take great pride in their Mexican style food.

As I thought about this I wondered. Let me see...it's been seven months since I have actually cooked any thing. I thought about different things I used to fix for supper. Then the thought struck me - how do I make that? I don't remember. I used to do this all the time. Now, uh what do I do? Most of the things I have cooked were not "recipes" from a book. They were just things observed or tried.

Then my mind wandered. What/who else is out there that I don't remember? I haven't driven in a while. I'm going to have to take the whole driving test over to get a new license. Hum, will I be able to answer the questions, or drive on the correct side of the road?

I remember a game that was popular in the seventies that my first husband taught me to play. Too bad I can't remember the name of the game. But after I learned how to play, I used to regularly beat my husband. Of course he would immediately go into a snit and complain that I made stupid moves. When he got mad and quit playing I had to remind him that the stupid moves were the ones he taught me. But if I tried to play it today I would not know how.

I have relatives that I would not know if I bumped into them. Of course there are people I could have met yesterday and I still would not know their name.There are old friends I wish I could remember. Then there are old boyfriends/husbands I wish I could forget. Did you know that Elvis sang a song called "I forgot to remember to forget"? The song was about trying to forget about a lost love.

There is an old saying - "Use it or lose it". Is that really true? If we don't do something routinely, do we forget how? Hum, well, I haven't had (close your eyes children) the "Big S" in a while. When the time comes (if ever) will I remember how? Would it be fun re-learning?

What else don't we do any more? Who writes letters? Letters? It's easier to Twitter or IM. Get or read directions? Who reads a street map? It's easier to buy a GPS system for the car than ask someone which way to a street. Yeah, just remember that GPS (also known as Bitch in a Box) might show your street as a vacant field or to turn left in one half mile after you have already turned into your driveway. Remember the Lexus that can parallel park itself? I want to take the driving test in that Lexus.

I know there have to be other things that I used to do. Can I do them now? I don't know, I can't remember what they were. So how can I remember if I used to do them? Well I guess I didn't use/do them enough, so I've lost them. Where am I? Did I forget to eat again?


quilly said...

Hello, Jill! You disappeared from my feed reader awhile back and I guess I thought you'd just stopped blogging - -but here you are looking spiffy and all brand new! How's life?

Unknown said...

Hi there! I'm doing ok all things considered.Feeling a little like a nomad, dividing time visiting between my two elder daughters. Now I get to irritate them. I'm learning how different life is in small Texas towns like Ozona and Waco compared to Houston. Re-discovering jazz music which I've been listening to a lot lately.Just hanging out with grandkids and dogs. How are you doing?

maria said...

Hello Jill,

I like your new blog style.

You may not remember a lot of things but you haven't lost your great sense of humour and your way of putting words together so nicely.

My wish for you is that you find a "spark" in your life, soon, very soon.


cube said...

I agree with Maria. You may have forgotten to eat, but you haven't forgotten how to write.

BTW I did not know that trivia tidbit about Elvis. Who knew he could be a philosopher.

Unknown said...

Thanks guys.