Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Magnets...Chick Magnets That Is

The other day I saw a survey about what kind of things attracts gals to a guy. Of course looks were on the list. Sunglasses were too. Why I don't know. Hair color and style were also on the list. But the number one chick magnet was a guy with a dog.

A guy walking a dog is more likely to attract a look from a female than just about anything else. So what kind of dog? Is a girl more likely to start a conversation with a guy who is walking a tiny dog or a big lab? Do shepherds make the list? How about a tall guy walking a short dachshund? Is a chick more likely to approach a guy walking a mastiff or a poodle.

Is a short, fat guy more likely to attract a girl if he is walking a dog opposed to not having a dog with him? Would a gal give a second look to to this guy if he didn't have a dog with him? If the guy is a handsome man walking an ugly dog, would he be noticed because he has a dog or because the guy is attractive?

I wonder if the kind of dog a guy has suggests what type of person he is. If the dog is mean, is the guy? If the dog is a nervous, yappy dog will a gal think twice before talking to the guy. Who wants to have a conversation with a guy while his dog is barking? What if the dog is a slobering type? Would the gal be less likely for fear of the slinging slobber?

So chicks like guys with dogs. It shows the guy is capable of giving and receiving love. It shows that he is usually caring and compassionate. On the other hand, if his dog is a big mean dog, would the chick want to take thc chance? Let's see how many men would approach a chick walking a rotweiler?


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