Saturday, October 22, 2011

Is This Too Much for a Fan to do?

Music is one thing I enjoy. I have a wide varity of artists whom I enjoy. I like many different styles. While I am not a big fan of Country Music there are artists I do like to listen to occasionally. I don't think George Strait has even done a bad song. I enjoy Reba, Toby Keith, Lady Antebellum and others.

I like to listen to jazz and enjoy both vocals and musicians. Ever heard of Jonny Blu or Charley Langer? How about Dave Koz, George Benson? They are just a few. Who could beat Ella Fitzgerald, Tony Bennett, or even Frank Sinatra? Or take Broadway music...many standards have come from Broadway. What would movie musicals do without Broadway? I even enjoy classical from time to time. It can be soothing and relaxing or a way to find the drama in music.

I have enjoyed seeing some singers/musicians in concerts. It can be a lot of fun. Of course these days it costs a lot for people to go to concerts. It could easily cost more than $100 to see a concert. I can only guess it is even more expensive to go see artists like Garth Brooks, Donny & Marie, Barry Manilow or others who establish a following at the different hotel venues in Las Vegas. It's not a cheap place to visit. Of course I've never been there so I really don't know.

Fans often write "reviews" of their favorite artist's performances. I know that many fans enjoy reading the personal stories of their friends visits. I have seen these reviews cover every thing from the costumes, to the song choices and styles as well as what the back-up singers/dancers do. Some fans see the same artist over and over again. They almost know the order in which the songs will be performed. If the artist changes a lyric or an inflection or even a facial expression, they note it.

I saw a "review" by a person who had seen the same artist in Vegas 200 times. Yes I said 200. Wow! I can not imagine that. What can you say about an artist when you have seen the show 200 times? What would the artist think about a fan that goes to Vegas to see him or her that many times? Really like the music, right? Loyal fan? Gotta have a lot of money, right? Or would the artist think the fan is obsessed? I don't begrudge any fan the right to see their favorite artist as many times as they want. But 200 seems a wee bit excessive. I'd rather, if I had that kind of money, spread it around and see a variety of people. I still haven't seen Straight No Chaser in Houston, or Dave Koz, or Michael Buble, or Big Bad VooDoo Daddy, or George Strait, and so on...

No, I do not envy people who do see the same people so many times. I would just rather have some variety. When you know what songs, moves, looks, jokes, costumes, dances, foot placement, etc will be done before the artist does them, you've seen them too much. But hey, I'm just a music fan who enjoys the songs the whole world sings.


texas_fan said...

I did the math. 200x250=$50,000 and that's conservative because some of the seats I'm sure were close to $500 if they were front row. Add to that the Platinums, the airfare, the hotel rooms, the meals and the other Vegas attractions. It's over $100,000. But hey, it's not my money.

I just have one thought...whatever will happen when he leaves? When your whole life revolves around him, what do you do when he's gone. It's going to be empty and lonely I imagine.

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NighDarke said...

I have mixed thoughts about this. On the one hand, yes, it is obsessive. Barry has told the fans over the years to not have their worlds revolve around him but to just enjoy his music and live their lives. The ones who went to all his shows in Vegas are definitely going to be having "Barry withdrawal". Of course if they have that kind of money they can fly all over and go to any arena dates he does from now on, but it will be a far cry from being able to see him perform on average nine days a month.

But on the other hand, if they really enjoy it THAT much and can afford it then I say good for them and go for it. As long as they aren't trying to get to Barry or do something else crazy then let them have their fun.