Sunday, February 26, 2012

You Go Girl!

Today is the annual running of the Daytona 500 stock car race. For me it's more ho-hum than excitment. I'm not really a racing fan. I don't really care to watch cars go round and round and round for 500 miles just to see who is the fastest. I sometimes think that people like to watch stock car racing or and racing just to see a possible disaster. In any racing there can be wrecks which take people out of the race. My husband loves to watch Jimmy Johnson race. Today I think I will watch at least some of the race for one reason- Danica Patrick.

I watched Patrick when she was racing those open wheel races. Seeing her and others race in those little cars is frightening when you think about the posibilities of accidents. Now that she is racing stock cars, I wonder if she will be able to do better here than her previous attempts. I know you probably think I watch her just because she's female. Well you are partially right. Not many women choose to do any car racing. Most do not do very well. I have seen Danica Patrick get into arguments, maybe even fights with other drivers. She is feisty, and I think she's a good thing for NASCAR. Is it time for the "good ole boys" to have a girl in the middle of the race? Maybe.

I just hope that the race will not have too many wrecks. I think a lot of people watch just to see those wrecks. I don't. I just want to this girl who wants to race with the big boys do well. I think it will be good for NASCAR racing. Maybe more women will be tempted to watch. She's tough, guttsy and strong. She is the "rock star" of racing. You go girl!


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