Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Limbo Moves

Well, today is November 7th. No word yet about when the townhouse will be ready. Not a word from our current landlord either. I can't help be feel like we are in limbo. We still need to pack stuff,but... We have been talking for several months about cleaning out our storage building, nothing done yet. It has a lot of plumbing stuff in it and some of our other stuff. Jimmy was going to take a lot of the plumbing stuff to the office warehouse, but... Since the one we are using now is across town, we've decided that we should get one which is right down the street from the townhouse. I really don't want to pay for two storage buildings, but... Over the weekend we thought we'd go ahead and get one at the place near the townhouse. We thought we start moving some of Jimmy's plumbing stuff from the garage. Well, we cleaned out some trash, but haven't done anything else. Yesterday Jimmy came home from work thinking we would get the new storage building going, but... Maybe we will do it today.

We can't move anything to the house yet, obviously. Every time I look around the house, I cringe because there seems to be so much to move. I think once we get started it will be better,but... Amanda will be coming up next weekend to help move stuff. I hope we have some place to put stuff by then. Then she says she is going to take the last four days of her vacation on the last four days of the month to help. Annie and Jason will probably be here in a couple of weeks. They are moving this weekend. I need to transfer the utilities, but...

I really feel in limbo. I'd like to get something going, but... I'm begining to hear that old song "Limbo Rock".


B.R.L said...

As I said I relate. We have been storing our stuff in my sons garage. Dr John said to offer his garage. I say it's a long commute. We were to close on the 10 th but due to an illness it has been moved to the 15th.

annieskyman said...

I'll let you know when we are moving..the date keeps moving back and forth! LOL...hopefully by next weekend though!

Come hell or high water Jason says we are going to come out that way and help you guys!

Love ya mom!


Anonymous said...

Man can I relate! I do find it odd that they can't give you a date on when your townhouse would be ready.