Thursday, November 02, 2006

This and That

And just how long is a fence supposed to last? Ha! That wonderful new fence is already looking shabby. Some of the boards are already bowing badly. Gaps between the boards are getting bigger and bigger. I can almost put my hand between them. In some spots the fence is so far off the ground Daisy can almost get under it. Sigh...

I called the realtor yesterday. She told me the townhouse should be ready in about a week. Oh fun. I mailed our current landlord this month's rent with a letter telling him we would be moving out. Any minute I expect a call from him. I really don't want to have to talk to him.

Moving on- is the election over yet? I'm soo tired of all the ads. My viewpoint is, if you are a politician, I don't trust you!

The Astros should have some more money to try to get more power. They did not pick up the option on Jeff Bagwell. It is a little sad. Jeff wanted to play but his shoulder wouldn't allow him to do so. Drayton McClain desided to take the insurance claim instead. So Bagwell will just fade away until he is eligible for the Hall of Fame. I think it would have been better if he admitted he couldn't play and work a deal with the Stros so that he could have a "farewell" tour. They could have put him in for one inning just so the fans in the different parks could say goodbye. Too bad, they could not work things out.

David Carr finally got benched! At least maybe the Texans will learn that no player is untouchable. Carr probably didn't know what to do with himself. The backup QB almost brought the team back. A little more time he might have won the game. This Sunday the Texans will probably be back in playing form-losing! Doesn't matter which Manning they play...

Now I am wondering if it would be better to go ahead and rent the storage building down the street from the townhouse which would mean paying for two or try to clean out the one across town first? We really can't afford to pay for two. What to do, what to do?? Oh well.


Bazza said...

One things for sure, on the day you move, pull a couple of planks off the fence.

Anonymous said...

Man that stinks about the fence. I guess they didn't use a good sealed wood? Can ya just dodge the phone call?

I still think Carr is a good QB. He just needs a lot of guideance.

B.R.L said...

I am putting off going to the basement to get somemore boxes to do some more packing.
I so want this election over with.

Anonymous said...

I am hoping Carr plays well tomorrow... I don't like our prospects if we need to find a new quarterback in the draft. But, who knows what the future holds.

As for Baggy - I think he is waiting to retire to see just when Rocket does. It is doubtful that both of them would go in to the Hall of Fame in the same year. So maybe that's the delay?

He deserves a job with the front office or bench or in "Bagwell's Gym" as the strength co-ordinator. What a great guy.