Friday, October 27, 2006

Need Money? She Can Work.

Because of our current money woes we have to make some lifestyle changes. We have to move to a cheaper place. We are also thinking of things to cut other expenses like maybe cutting minutes on our cells since we have way more minutes than we actually use. We may look at bundling our cable, phone and internet bills. We are also thinking of changing electric providers since Reliant is the highest in the area. I'm also thinking of going back to work, yuck. I worked at a motel in 2000. I was bored to death since it was 3-11 shift. I quit after about 6 months. Later I looked for a job like I used to do working in doctors offices or hospitals. After dozens of resumes sent I only got a few interviews. But because I'm not a "young thing" any more, I got no offers. I'd rather not work anyway, but... So now, I'm thinking of trying to get a parttime job or a call center job so I can work from home. If I have to work, I rather work from home for about 30 hours a week instead of going out. Since the pay would be equal or better from home, I'd rather stay at home. I just don't know if I would like to stay on the phone that long. But, sometimes you gotta bite the bullet.

All of this brings me to this point. My son and his girlfriend are living in a tiny trailer at the end of her brother's driveway. This thing is so small you can stand at the front and spit out the back. Pat says he is always broke. He's been separated from his wife for two years and still has made no effort to get the divorce going. No money. He still owes Jimmy $700. He is supporting his girlfriend Heather and her son. Her mother pays some of Heather's bills. Apparently her ex-husband doesn't pay child support regularly. The IRS caught up with him, getting Heather $3000. I hear they paid some bills, took a vacation and bought some stuff with it. Yet, Pat still complains of not having any money. So, how come Heather doesn't offer to help? After all, she is not working. She's worked before. Childcare is not an issue. I don't understand. Pat told her she didnt have to work. Huh? If money is such an issue, what is the deal. When Amanda lived here she got Heather at least two jobs. Both of these jobs, Heather walked away from. Guess she didnt like the jobs.

So why doesn't Heather get a job to help Pat? Do they plan to live in that tiny dump forever? Is she going to continue to sponge off her parents? I don't get it. Pat doesn't make that much money. These days a lot of couples have to work to make ends meet. I love not working, but I am going to have to try to bring in some extra money. What is her problem? Heather certainly stands a better chance at getting a job than I do.

Hello Pat? Wake up, tell Heather to help you out. If you are that broke and you work all those hours, maybe it's time she got off her butt. She's not getting any thiner sitting on the couch! If you want to improve your life you need to work together.


cloudZ said...

Oh wow~ Are you serious that you are from Houston, uncle Jill? Did you see T-mac/Yao Ming before eh?

Anonymous said...

My former dil is quite content to get child welfare and live in low income housing for the rest of her life rather than actually getting even a part time job. She's gone through having many other people support her through her thirty years and will no doubt keep looking for others to do that.