Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Toilet Paper Queen Strikes Again!

Daisy has a thing for toilet paper! I've learned to not put a roll on the toilet paper hanger any more. I have to put it on the back of the toilet tank. Most of the time this works, although she has grabbed it off there once, and pulled and shredded it all over or bathroom. I first discovered her trick one day when I accidentally didn't close the downstairs bathroom door good. She pushed the door open and pulled the paper off the roll and shredded it all over the floor. Then she did it in our bathroom. That's when I took the toiletpaper off the holder and put it on the back of the toilet. As I said, that didn't work too well, either. So since I usually put her in our bathroom when we know we are going to be gone for a while, I have to move the paper. I just have to remember to put it back before using the toilet!

Now I have had to make sure the downstairs and hall bathroom doors stay completely shut so she won't push the door open. Imagine my surprise while I was cleaning the tub in the hall bath. As I scrubbed down the walls and tub, I didn't see Daisy sneek in. I turned around to see her pulling the paper into the hall. I yelled at her to stop. I wonder if she would have pulled it all the way down the stairs? Talk about bold moves! Daisy has no fear... Too bad I didn't have a video camera going as she pulled the paper out of the bathroom and into the hall. She could have been on America's Funniest Videos!


Anonymous said...

ROFL! That would be funny to catch on tape. All of my kids had a thing for TPing the house when they were babies.