Monday, October 02, 2006

Give Me A Break!

Do this, do that, pick this, pick that. What do you want? As I search for the solution to our problem, the one thing I can easily find is frustration. Jimmy says lets look for something nice and cheap, maybe 2 or 3 bedroom townhouse. Then he looks at houses. Well, these are nice and in our pricr range. Call and find out. Right. Why is it that when you are trying to find out information, you can't get people to answer the phone?

I call one number for ads on what look like some nice townhouses. "Beth" won't answer her phone. Hey lady, how can I ask questions if you won't answer your phone? Then Jimmy finds a couple of houses he wants me to call on. Call the number, get the assistant. She tells me the agent is not in the office at the moment but will be back that afternoon. She takes my name and number. That was Thursday morning. it's now Monday morning. Guess this agent is not really interested in making calls or answering questions. I hate being on the phone too, but sometimes, ya got to do it, right?

Then again Jimmy goes back and forth between house or townhouse. First he says it's cheaper to get into a townhouse. Yeah, but most of them are in the middle of 100+ apartment units and don't have yards and may not have a garage. Houses have both but are more expensive to get into. Back and forth we go. What to do?

So, I'm the one who has to try to call all these people to get information and I get frustrated when I can't get answers. Then,Jimmy comes home from work and wants to know what I have accomplished. Grrr.

Then of course, we are still reeling from the loss of income. To me, something smells here. He did plumbing all last week and still didn't get a full paycheck. In a small company it is amazing how some malcontents can whine and get their way and others just keep doing their job and get screwed. Well, now I have to get back on the phone and hunt for answers.


Pixie said...

{{{Hugs}}} I know it's super frustrating but I know you'll find something great.