Tuesday, October 17, 2006

What Do You Mean Thanksgiving?

Jimmy and I are not in very good moods lately. Since Steve cut Jimmy's pay(and lying about the supposed agreement) we can barely pay our bills. We're still looking for a cheaper place to live. I need to find some parttime work to make up the difference in the loss of Jimmy's income. I've been stressing over what to do. We need a cheaper place to live, we need extra money. Who will help us move? We can't depend on family to help us move, so we will have to hire someone. Do I try to get a job while we are still here or wait till we get settled? If I get a job now, how will I have time to pack up everything. Remember I have no help. Jimmy said he'd help but he is tired when he gets home from work. Plus he has been saying he was going to clean out his closet for 4 months. We need to clean up our storage building so we can have room to put our things that won't fit where we will be living. Depressing thoughts and daunting tasks keep filling my mind. When they appear, I find myself getting angry at Steve yet again. Bosses who lie really make me mad! And this guy is a multi-millionaire...

So in the middle of my irritation and stress, I get an e-mail. What are your plans for Thanksgiving? We want to see you. Thanksgiving! You must be kidding! I will not have the room for extra people and no money for food. Right now we are reaching the end of stuff in the freezer. All the stuff that you buy and then decide that you really dont want to eat that now, you'll fix it later. Later is now! The way things are going right now, we are having to buy cheap tv dinners. Don't think we'll be buying a turkey any time soon. Let's see turkey or electricity, which one do I choose? Thanksgiving is not high on my priority list these days. Putting a roof over my head and trying to find enough money to pay the bills it. Jimmy needs a new tire on his truck, don't think a turkey will roll very well at highway speed.


Louie said...

Hi Jill. Thought I would stop by and read about you. Sorry that things are rough right now but I must say, things will get better, I promise. Life is one giant roller coaster!

Hubby and I and our 4 kids have had our share, let me tell ya and it gets better. Just gotta wanna keep on going!!! And that gets quite difficult sometimes but you have to keep trudging no matter how difficult that is.It makes you feel like you are stronger than you thought!

Watch for those spectacular sales on Turkeys...19 cents a pound...and splurge. It's a day to be thankful for what you do have....that's how I would look at it anyway. Sitting around that table with my family made that money I spent on that dinner so much more worth it and my guilt over blowing off this bill or that bill washed away!

Oh, and lots of Ramen noodles, mac-n-chees, peanut butter and bread were all we lived on for a long time. Sad but so true. :0)

Hang in there....

Anonymous said...

{{{HUGS}}} You'll see that light at the end of the tunnel soon. I'll keep you guys in my prayers.

Now for Thanksgiving; do you have Albertson's down that way?? Here starting soon they should start their free turkey deal where you spend X amount of $$, you get a free turkey. (I want to say Tom Thumb & maybe Kroger does this too??) Could you make it be like a potluck dinner for those that want to spend the day with you? Most everyone brings a dish & dessert to Granny's house & she just cooks the turkey & dressing. I have found at Super Walmart small hams for under $10 which could be instead of turkey; or even those small turkey breasts would be a bit cheaper if it's just you 2. I've started buying non-parishables to help us with our meal.