Thursday, November 08, 2007

Do You Know Where Your Trash Can Is?

I guess some people just can't seem to find the trash can. Most people have a kitchen trash can and a bathroom trash can. The bathroom one is frequently part of a set which includes a toothbrush holder, soap dish, and cup. Those are usually fairly easy to find. After all it matches the bathroom decor.

But the kitchen trash can is a different matter. Some people have this can under the sink. However this is usually small and doesn't hold much. Others have a tall kitchen trash can which holds a little more. Even trash bags are made to order for this. Yeah, go right to the isle and pick out the tall kitchen bags to put in the trash can. The 13 gallon ones fit fine. So how come some people can find the box of trash bags in the store but can't find the can at home?

Go to the pantry and on the floor you will find a nice plastic trash receptacle with one of those plastic bags sitting in it waiting to load up with unwanted items. So many things find their way to this. Empty milk cartons find their way there. Empty bread wrappers meet their end there. Even the tv dinner boxes end up there.

So how come some things can't seem to navigate their way to their natural end? Oh, maybe it is because someone never seems to find his way to the door. It would seem to be so easy. Finish using something? Walk into the kitchen, open the pantry door and toss the used item into the awaiting place. It is such a simple thing to do, right? So how come I find trash waiting on the desk in the living room, or the dining table or kitchen counter? It is not like we need GPS to find the place to put the trash. It does not take that many steps to walk there. Buy something at the store? Open the box as it sits on the table. Take out the item. Then walk 10 steps from the dining area to the pantry door. Put said box in trash. Need candy or a soda? Go to refrigerator. Take out the candy, unwrap it, walk the three steps from the kitchen counter and put it in the trash. Those poor peanutbutter cup wrappers won't get there by themselves. Remember that soda bottle that kept you company on the desk while you played poker on the computer? Give it a fitting end by taking it to the trash where it can mingle with the other daily discards. It might enjoy chatting with the grocery story ads that came in the mail today.

Maybe it is a guy thing. Maybe men really don't know where the trash can is kept. Try asking the wife. I am sure she will be able to tell you where to go (to find the trash can).


pineapple said...

it is a guy thing. mine often puts his trash on the counter that is right above the trash can. for some reason he can't reach down a couple of inches and put his stuff in the trash or recycling). it is all right there out in the open and and yet...

Dr.John said...

We have three trash cans in the kitchen. One takes general trash. One takes pop can for recycling. One takes paper and thin cardboard for recycling. Believe it or not we use them.

Margaret said...

My guy doesn't know where it is either. Even when it's time to take it out. Sometimes I think if I put it smack dab in the middle of the floor he'd trip over it.

Then again, he'll probably knock all it's contents out and not bother to pick them up and put them back in.

Anonymous said...

My guy does better with the trash can then I do. He is very neat and tidy. He also folds laundry better then I and spends much more time making certain the bed sheets are more wrinkle-free then I care to. He's really quite amazing.

maria said...

My husband and sons always put their stuff away after they were finished. Same with the dinner dishes, they always bring them back on the kitchen counter.

So, I can't complain on that one!


Unknown said...

Isn't it nice to have good guys. I really can't complain. He puts the commode seat down, he can find the bathroom trash can. He is also a better cook than I am and in a pinch he will do laundry and grocery shop. I just don't know why he cant seem to get to the kitchen can. Oh well.LOL!

Margaret said...

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