Friday, September 26, 2008

As Normal as Can Be, For Now

At this time last week we were waiting for the hurricane. Today I am looking forward to watching some football this weekend. Alabama and Texas are both doing well and I have yet to see either of them play. I know Bama has a nationally televised game and I think(hope) Texas will be on the tube somewhere. The Texans are worrisome. I keep having flashbacks to David Carr who was the quarterback before Matt Shaub. Too many sacks, interceptions. Come on guys!

The Astros are unlikely to make the playoffs. Part of me wants them to go ahead and lose so we can get it all over. Another part of me feels like hanging on by fingernails due to the fact that if the Mets win and the 'Stros lose; it is over. Let's not beat the dead horse. I'm going to miss Brad Ausmus catching next year. He will be a good pitching coach or manager some day.

I went to WalMart this morning and saw a sign on the door which said that they now have generators for $487 plus tax. I thought this was a little funny, like closing the barn door after the horse is gone. But, in truth there are still some 400,000 Reliant customers who have no power, still.

FEMA apparently is saying that they sent too much ice here, so they are just going to let most of it melt because it costs too much to keep it frozen. Excuse me, but there are still people who have no way to keep food cold! Take it to Galveston! If the brilliant folks at FEMA think no-one needs it, they are wrong. But they have decided to send all the trucks back. Makes sense, right? Uh, well maybe not. But this is a federal agency.

Back to life in the big city. That is if we can see it for all the debris piled up at so many homes.


cube said...

Generators are worthwhile tools to have. We have two and, believe me, they have come in handy. We run electrical cords from them and run our fridge, our freezer, lights, fans, TV, etc.

Their one drawback in the noise. If anyone invents a quiet one, I'll be the first one in line to buy it.

RE: the ice melting. It conjures up shades of my neighbor... the one who didn't have a cooler to put the bag of ice we gave her, so we ended up giving her a cooler too.

People shouldn't rely on the government for everything. The government can't & shouldn't be everywhere.

Unknown said...

You are right about relying on the government. I just wish there were better communication between agencies so that there would not be so much waste.

I hope that we can get our generator fixed before the next storm.

Dr.John said...

The trouble is you either depend on the government or big business and neither one cares about the little guy.

bettygram said...

Thank you for the reminder that some still don't have power. It does take so long to get things back to normal. I know it a good year for my friend to get things in order and clean up after they were in a flood.