Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Labor Day Sped Right By

Labor Day has come and gone. Somewhere I think I lost three days. I tried to catch up on the house cleaning Thursday and Friday before Annie, Jason and the boys got in. Up and down stairs, who needs exercise? Of course giving the dogs baths is always a challenge. Lady is not really a problem since she is old and rarely leaves the chair, so she is easy to catch. Daisy has to be bathed by sneak attack so I grab her first. So everything was ready. Gustav was still churning.

Annie and Jason decided to wait until Saturday so they could visit with Jason's cousin in San Antonio as he was graduating from Air Force boot camp. While there Skylar learned how to salute.
Later he showed me what he learned...too cute! Annie was a little worried about coming to Houston since we were not sure what Gustav's plans were. She did not want to get stuck in a lot of traffic. After a lot on arm twisting, I mean discussion, they did make it here late Saturday night.

Pat had told Annie that he wanted to take the boys fishing. They had never been fishing or to a beach. It was assumed that they would go Sunday to Texas City where Pat usually goes. Little did Annie know, but Pat had planned a surprise for her. Her twin brother had gotten in touch two of Annie's friends whom she had not seen in a long time. Instead of going to the usual place they went to Galveston. The boys got to ride the ferry for the first time. Then they had a little party on the beach in Galveston. Tents on the beach? Well, that started out as the plan. Let's see Annie, Jason, Skylar, and Michael on the beach. Plus Annie's two friends as well as Pat and Amanda and Greg and Abby. Quite a party on the beach, it must have been fun. But in the back of all their minds was Gustav. Late in the night it started raining, so rather than take any chances they packed up and left the beach.

Later Sunday Annie was on a hunt for Astros gear. She wanted to find some ball caps and shirts. We went to a flea market where she found a lot of Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell stuff. Those were two of her favorite players, especially Biggio. She hopes to decorate part of her house with Astros stuff. She did find a bunch of stuff at the flea market but not the caps she wanted, but she did find some later at a local store. Meanwhile we still watched the sky...

Monday they worried about what route to take home since I-10 would be swamped with people trying to get away from Gustav. As we watched the weather reports Gustav apparently did not choose to visit Texas. But there was a lot of traffic around east Texas. We waited for Amanda so we could go to lunch before Annie and Jason left to go home. Amanda came over in Pat's car which used to be her car, but that is another story. Any body want to ride in a car that whistles at girls? No, how about la cu ca racha? Just think of that. As we left the resturant Amanda decided to play the whistle and the Mexican song to the delight of a guy standing outside. He had to think we were nuts. He broke into laughter. Me, I tried to hide in the back seat. But it was funny.

Three day holiday weekends don't last long. Well at least we had no problem with Gustav here. But there is a new trio of storms out there waiting to visit. Hannah may visit Florida or the Carolinas. Ike and Josephine have not made their travel plans yet. We shall see.


Dr.John said...

Glad your labor day holiday went well. I didn't know they made car horns that whistle.
Hope the remainder of the storms miss you.

pineapple said...

I hate 3 day weekends. Just when you get used to staying home, they make you go back to work... ugh!