Monday, September 13, 2010

Look Up, See What You Could Have Missed

I've always liked to look at the sky. I love the variations of blue and the colors created at sunrise or sunset. To me these colors are a thing of beauty. Ever watched ducks fly in formation against a clear blue sky? Or the rays of sun projecting from behind a cloud? Sometimes a red morning sky can be breathtaking. Some parts of the country have "city" problems which make seeing the sky a little less alluring. Smog tends to obscure colors. Then again some people don't notice that grey haze lurking over a city. Maybe people are too busy with daily life to look up and think about what is going on up there.

I smiled at the "Peanuts" cartoon when Charlie Brown was lying on the ground looking up to the sky. At least he thought about what he saw. It doesn't seem to matter if the sky is clear and seemingly endless or angry and dark during a storm. There is always something to ponder. Even clouds tell stories. Who hasn't, like Charlie Brown, seen shapes or characters in the clouds. Those cummulus, cirrus, stratus, or nimbus clouds can tell how the day will go or if the weather will change. Flying in an airplane over the clouds can seem like flying above balls of cotton. Then again,trying to go around a thunderstorm in a plane can be a little scary to the average airplane passenger.

Looking up to the sky on any given day surely must make even non-believers wonder. Of course we can all talk about science and atmospheric conditions but those are numbers and laws of nature as a science. I remember when I wanted to grow up to be a meterologist - that is till I learned the dreaded "advanced math" would be involved. So I just settled for the artistic, or philosophical approach to looking at the sky. Yes, we can all see what we want to see in the bright colors or cloud formations.

Every once in a while even a jaded person like me can have an " oh my, look at that" moment. I was walking Daisy yesterday and had not really paid much attention to the sky. After all the sky is always changing and clouds always blow around. There are days when the blue seems very blue and the white clouds seem very white. Nothing was out of the unusual until I looked at the sky and noticed that two long, slender clouds had drifted together to form a perfect cross. I had to stop and look for a moment. Naturally, the philosopher in me wondered...why? I just stood there, looking. Then Daisy decided it was time to move along. When I looked back up, the cross had vanished. I guess it was a good thing that I looked when I did. I could have missed it. Was it a sign? I don't know. It was probably just two wandering clouds who decided to stop and say "Hi" to each other. Right?


Anonymous said...

I love this post. I often look at the sky with wonder and amazement. The sky is a blank canvas for God to create beautiful peices of Art. I have no doubt that the cross was not merely two clouds coming together to say "Hi". It was God telling you that He loves you dearly.

Ginger said...

So glad i'm not the only one who looks up sometimes and gets completely captivated, sometimes it can just change your day!

thanks for reminding me to stop and take the time to pay attention to the 'little things'

cube said...

I make it a point to look at the sky every day. I haven't seen a cloud cross, but maybe one day I will.

BTW the word verification was buddists

Ray said...

Like the roses need the rain. Like the poet needs the pain. We can't live without sharing.thanks for your awesome blog.Best regards!