Tuesday, February 14, 2006

And He's How Old?

Fathers beware of daughters who say "I'll come by to visit". We had a nice visit with Jimmy's daughter this week-end. We went to lunch at a Mexican food place. So, in the middle of the conversation Amanda says, "well, Daddy, I'm seeing someone." Her tone of voice caught her father off-guard. "He's 38". Sucked the cheeze right off the enchilada with that statement. Not to mention the air out of the room. Even though Amanda has been living on her own for a couple of years now, it was still a shock to learn your 22 year old daughter is dating a 38 year old man. After a lot of ums, ahs, and cigarette drags, the questions began. Divorced, eight year old son, works in the same store with her but not in same department. Makes good money and has good credit. So... as I said "Well, Amanda, you've always had an old soul". What's a father supposed to say? After all he's 47. Keeping it light he started with the "older man" jokes. In the back of his mind, the wheels are turning. Well, this was un-expected to say the least. How old is he, again? I say something about taking her time with this and dont make any quick decisions. I'm wondering if we have enough tums at the house for this. Might have a little heart-burn. Remembered the old movie line something close to "fasten your seat-belts, it's gonna be a bumpy ride". And he's HOW old?


S said...

Oh my, that had to be an interesting family dinner experience. Some people are more mature than others so perhaps they really are compatable????

Fingers crossed