Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Ok, I'll Bite

Well I watched most of the Speech in between the Flight 93 movie. I guess some people liked it. I noticed the obvious partisan applause. For me though, I didnt see any thing to get excited about. And to think this speech was rewritten 30 times. To me it just seemed like a rehash of old speeches including some that President Clinton gave. Who wouldnt want to fix things like dependence on oil, social security and get better math and science teachers? These are good ideas but how do we achieve them. One of our biggest problems is how do we do good things responsibly? Even Sen McCain said that. We really need to figure out how to pay for things without all the pork. I just paid my rent, now I'm broke till payday. What do I do? Dont buy anything! Cant buy if I dont have money. What does the government do? Keep borrowing. Now that is what I call setting a "good" example for us to follow in our own money matters. But on the whole the speech left me blah. So what do we do now?


S said...

I like Bush, but I can't stand to hear him talk. I just want to yell at the tv.... "SHUT UP you stupid redneck! You're just making yourself look like a bigger idiot!" I think I did catch the one thing he said about us not being so dependent on oil. That would be awesome; but like you said; how do we go about doing it?

Sadly; borrowing until we are so far in debt is the American way of life. *sigh*

robotman said...

We fire our government.
I dislike Bush in case you could not tell from the above comment.