Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Long and Short of a Dog's Eye View

Daisy has found a whole new playground since the yard was mowed. She now doesn't have to walk under the weeds. When it's wet outside, she doesn't have water dripping on to her back. Crane flies are now one of her favorite targets. They had been hiding in the high vegetation. Now they are flying around free, looking for places to hide. Daisy thinks this is great fun. But, another one of her targets, bees, have moved to higer areas. Daisy never caught one, what a surprise that would have been. After weed-eating around the fenceline, she has discovered new places to stick her nose. She also, for some unknown reason has discovered that birds sit in the trees and sing. She seemed amazed at the Cardinal's song. Even though some trees are still leafless, others are budding, and this,too, fascinates her. Every sound seems amplified as she cocks her ears at each different one. Being so low to the ground, everything from ants to ginkos catch her interest. Just imagine how you would look at the world if you were less than a foot tall. I'd hate to have to tell her, though, that she'll never catch the planes or helicopters that fly overhead. I don't want to burst her bubble! But really Daisy, how many times must you smell the ground? Sure, you are close to it, but that stuff you keep sniffing will be there tommorrow. She hasn't discovered the squirrels, yet. She is still looking for her pal who disappeared. Whenever we go outside the first place she looks is next door. Can't have everything.