Monday, February 27, 2006

Can I Go Back to Bed, Now, Maybe I Shouldn't have Gotten Up!

Sometimes I gotta wonder how some people manage to always have a positive life. Actually, I'd like to smack them! I'm "so glad" my neighbor finally took the time out of his busy day to stand at the back of his yard and nail 2 boards up to fix the hole in the fence. Wow, it took all of five minutes. Of course he now has re-chained his dog to the tree...This fence wont last too much longer. That's one thing I can't really do anything about. We discovered that the bee family has grown even bigger inside the house siding. I'll be sending a letter with the rent to my landlord.

We are a little bummed out these days. Tax time is fast approaching. I hate to give money to Uncle Sam, he always mis-uses it. I'm still trying to figure out how Mr. Bush's programs are helping the self employed. Even with deductions we still have to pay that wonderfull "Self-Employment" tax.

We have just about decided to see if we can find someplace else to live. We left a second floor apt in a fourplex with no garage and no yard because they were raising the rent. We figured why pay that much on an apt when we could rent a house for the same. Well we made some mistakes. Havent we all. We rented this house on the assumption we would clean out at least on storage building and downsize the other since we could put stuff here. Things kept getting put off and for one reason or another we always seemed to have to spend more money than we have. Imagine that! And we dont use credit cards! After discussing all the problems we have discovered since being here, we dont have much choice. There are just too many problems. Some small, some large, but we can't do it all. When we moved here we thought it would be good because of the yard and extra room when all the family is here. Seemed that when we were living on the second floor, people were always visiting. Now they rarely do. Too busy, too far, too whatever. So, we are looking to downsize both in price and size. Sorry kids, you don't come round enough to merit staying here, it costs too much. So now we have to go house hunting again. Part of me is excited, part of me dreads it. Sleeplessness abounds. Every waking moment brings more questions.

Too bad I can't just wiggle my nose and change things. Where is Samantha when you need her? Can I go back to bed now? Nope, gotta finish the laundry, walk at least one dog, sweep the floors. How does so much from outside endup inside? What's for supper? Is it time to go to bed yet? Some days it just doesn't pay...