Thursday, February 16, 2006


This is the time of year I find a little boring. Football is over and baseball spring training hasn't really begun yet. I don't follow basketball, although when I am occasionally given a pair of tickets to the Rockets I go. Right now, it's kind of limbo. Jeff Van Gundy is still trying to find a working combination. Gary Kubiak introduced his coaching staff yesterday. Mick Sherman has been named assistant Head Coach. I thought he wanted to be a head coach. No-one will say how or what changes they expect to make to the Texans. The Astros really are still sleeping. Nothing is being said about Clemens or Bagwell. Of course sports writers who are now making their predictions don't include the Astros as a winner of anything. The Olympics bore me. The other networks aren't really showing much, trying to save the ratings games I guess. The weather can't even make up it's mind. Today 80 tomorrow 50. One day winter, one day spring.

Ho-hum, even the laundry is boring. Maybe I'll go outside and watch the weeds grow. Or maybe I'll just go take a nap. After all Daisy and Lady are snoozing on the couch. And naturally, the minute I get up the fight will start. Even Astro is quiet.