Friday, February 17, 2006

Tony Parker, Your Young Fans Need the Truth

All-Star Basketball week-end is here. The celebs are here to party and to be seen. It's good for Houston, but it is good for everybody? I dont care one way or the other but children idolize the players and stars that come for all the fun and so on. I was disappointed though in one of the players . Tony Parker (and Eva Longoria) are here. When "stars" commit to something involving kids they need to really try to keep their promises. Now I realize sometimes things dont work out, but sometimes things are a little shaky. Tony Parker kept a group of about 200 kids waiting for him. He was apparently supposed to do the meet/greet and shoot a few hoops with the kids. But he was, according to his spokesman, "too tired" and skipped out on them. These kids waited patiently for a couple of hours to see him. He was not "too tired" to go to a press conference. I can only assume , if he was so tired, after the presser, he went to his hotel and got some sleep. Cough, Cough, what was Eva doing? Kids are impressionable. Maybe they dont care about kids in France. I just think this was rude. But, then again what else is new. No wonder the image of the NBA is not the greatest. Come on, Tony, were you so tired you couldnt stop by and at least say hello to your fans?


Duez said...

I posted a blog entry this week on the gold medal speed skater from the US that gave his $25,000 winnings to a charity in Africa. That kind of thing is too far and few between.

I agree with you. He is paid because kids buy his jersey and their parents shell out the bucks for the ticket. It's not right to leave them waiting and then never show up. I don't care how tired he was.

S said...

I agree whole heartedly. Sports stars have NO idea how much they impact children... well I think a few of them do; but most are selfish individuals. (Celeb stars too)

If a team; star; etc has a bad attitude, we talk about it as a family & find someone more positive to cheer for. (One reason I could not cheer for the Steelers, Cowers..... yeah that speaks volumes)

I haven't heard too many nice things about Eva & her "friend", seems like they are both pretty stuck up.