Friday, February 24, 2006

Method Acting 101

Let's see, what part will I play today? Going with my feelings, hum. I could be a hamster on a wheel going round and round and round to nowhere. After all, someone once said blessed are those who go in circles, for they shall be called wheels. That's kind of the way I'm feeling. How like an acting class. Walking the dog around the back yard. Around and around...I've heard some obsessive people have certain habits they do over and over. Lady McBeth kept washing her hands. I keep walking in circles waiting for Daisy to do something. Not exactly like "Waiting for Godot" here just waiting for a little poop and pee. Sigh, and I had so much more to say. But, I must get back on the wheel just like the hamster. If I go around enough times, maybe I'll get a reward. Right. Or I could play the "Mash" character Cpl Klinger doing sentry duty in a dress and high heels
around and around. What is the password again? I just dont plan on sentry duty in a dress and high heels in my back yard. Just thinking about that picture is more than I can handle. On the other hand an Emmy would be nice. What do you mean this isn't going to be on TV. But, I've already written my acceptance speech. I was going to thank all the dogs who went before me. Well, at least Daisy. Are you done yet, Daisy? Round and round we go...all the world is a stage, there are no small parts, just small actors. I gotta get a better agent. Walking the dog around like this is not helping me. And just who was that idiot who said Brando was a method actor? Is he playing the part of the tree? Hurry up, Daisy, I'm getting dizzy. Guard duty anyone?


S said...

Ugh, do I know how that feels! With all the rain we got & the backyard flooded Izzy WOULD NOT go outside. So I had to take her outfrong on the leash.... what a PITA!

cube said...

I often feel like I'm walking around in circles when I'm wearing a pedometer & trying to get in
> 10,000 steps per day. I'm just glad to be able to move around & keep limber. Sitting around makes me stiff.