Tuesday, February 07, 2006

In Other News

The El Paso kids are no more, having moved to Brownwood this weekend. With excitment in her voice Annie called to tell me they found a 2 bedroom house to rent in Brownwood. They moved over the week-end. Jason started his job yesterday. I hope he will get along with his co-workers since he tends to be a know-it-all. I have not heard so much relief and happiness in Annie's voice in a long time. I know she's glad to be away from her MIL. Now they will truly be on their own. Their future is truly theirs without interference from inlaws. I wish them the best.

Annie told me that Jason's younger sister who is in her early 2o's is pregnant, but doesn't intend to marry the father. Her mother in true fashion(you just have to know this woman to understand)asked her if she was going to raise the child as a bastard or would she get married. So much for the Christian in Christian Conservative... I've always been on the girl's side. I wish her the best.

Lastly, the worst kept secret of the family has been finally exposed for all to see. The Aransas Pass family have moved to Waco. Though Bobby spoke of the possibity during the Thanksgiving visit in Cameron, Traci kept it a deep, dark secret from those of us unimportant people. Seemed as if her "Lep" and blog buddies knew more than her family. Oh well. Funny they also moved over the week-end. Wonder when she'll let us know her new phone number and address. After all I still have Christmas presents waiting here since she was supposed to "visit" the day after Christmas. I've already gotten Annie's new info. This should be yet another interesting saga...

Now, I'm off for another cup of coffee. That is if Daisy will leave me alone long enough to go to the kitchen.


EKENYERENGOZI Michael Chima said...

No child is a Bastard.

Every child has a father.

I regard the word "Bastard" as an offensive word even worse that the words "Fuck" and "Nigga".

God bless.

S said...

Sounds like an interesting lot. Glad your ElPaso crew was able to find jobs & move. Wishing them the best!