Monday, February 13, 2006

Need a Joke?

The polls are down, the wife is out of town. George can relax. Oops, breaking news, Cheney shoots Quail, not wait it's a lawyer. Now there is a week's worth of jokes for Letterman and Leno etc. Thank goodness he is ok. It could have been much worse. Hunter safety courses will be in demand now. What would have happened had his friend been killed? Happens a lot. When I was in high school the town mayor lived behind us. His younger son accidently shot his friend while hunting. The result was tragic.

But all seriousness aside, this is going to be good...right now we could all use a laugh. But why did it have to be in Texas?

Then, of course, why did they wait 24 hours to say anything? So the hospital and the Armstrong Ranch could get their stories ready? I can just see some of the questions. How many pellets are in the face? Any in the butt? Are these standard size? The hunters were wearing orange vests, right? Why couldn't Cheney shot himself in the foot? After all he is SO good at shooting off his mouth. Sorry, couldnt help myself. It's gonna be a long week.


S said...

LOL! I'm sorry but as much as I like Bush; I dislike Cheney more. Surely there were no hopes of him making it to the white house as president??

Duez said...

Funny one that I heard... "Cheney must have thought it was Scooter Libby sneaking up behind him."

After Scooter's comments last week about who told him to leak the intel... Cheney might have "seen" Libby in his sights.

Thank goodness he is ok!