Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Holy Cow, There's Grass Back There!

Wow, we finally got our yard mowed! With weather and work never seeming to cooperate it's been nearly impossible to mow the yard. Yesterday my son came over to get it started. Must be nice to have muscle. Our back yard had turned into a jungle. When the grass is in peak growing mode it gets so thick it's hard to mow. With the clover, dandelions and other weeds as tall as they had grown, the dogs walked under or around them. Now they can walk the back yard with renewed zeal. It does seem to improve my mood, now that I have a yard again, instead of the jungle.It was getting a little hard for Lady and Daisy to find a good spot for their business. Next step is to start treating the yard with fertilizer/weed killer. Now, if the landlord would just fix the fence.

On another note, my neighbor took his dog off the chain. However, I don't think this was a result of the advice of the animal protection people. Haven't seen the dog, but another neighbor said he saw the dog running loose in the neighborhood. So much for trying to help the animal. Hopefully somebody will find and take care of him.

On yet another note, green grass reminds me... Spring Training is here! Go 'Stros!


cube said...

We call it mowing the weeds ;-)