Monday, February 06, 2006

I'm Officially Irritated Now.

The funniest thing about this weekend was the fact that ABC used the 5 second delay to change the sexually explicit lyrics out of the Stones... Could not make out what they were singing anyway but they did.

So I let Daisy out Friday morning. She does her usual thing run around bark.. Then I dont hear her. For some reason,something told me to go downstairs and check on her. Go out to the back yard, cant find her! Well, the little brat has escaped into the next door neighbor's yard. This is the same yard with the tree that drops all it's leaves in my yard and has the big "lover" male dog that they have chained to that tree next to my fence. I have spent a lot of time trying to block the holes created by that dog. So I spy little Daisy running to her heart's content in that yard. I wonder what my blood pressure was at that point. As I slithered through the fence in an effort to capture my wayward dog, she runs into the yard behind. This has holes in it thanks to guess who, the big dog! Naturally, as I look like a fool, chasing my dog through two yards Daisy stays just out of my reach. The more she runs the madder I get. I was waiting for some one to run outside with a gun and start shooting at me.

Finally, I capture the little brat dog. Spanked her butt. Like that really did any good! Furious does not describe what I was feeling. Why my neighbor had to chain his dog up to the tree that is so close to the fence. They do not do anything with that dog except feed and water it. I guess the dog gets bored and chews on the fence for something to do. You'd think they'd see the holes and broken slats their dog has created. Of course, after chasing Daisy through the yard, I could not help but notice how full of junk and trash their yard is.

The neighbor on the other side had 2 pit bulls. He apparently breeds them. And of nosey Daisy has to bark at them too.

So,now I am forced to walk Daisy on a leash in my own back yard! Since she is still puppyish, she wants to go out about every 2 hours! The rest of the time she spends circling the den, over and over because she wants to go out and be nosey. I also have to go out with the Grand Dame,Lady, but she is old and doesn't move fast any more. But, I can't take the chance that Lady might get loose too. That probably wont happen cause Lady is lazy. But I am really ticked that I have to do this now. I didn't create this problem. I'm not going to pay to fix the fence either. The land lord is supposed to replace it. But, like everything else, nothing has been done.

I'm officially irritated now. Actually I am running rapidly out of patience. I could move from pleasant to bitch in less time than it takes for a gnat to blink!

P.S. I only thought I was irritated. I'm REALLY irritated now. Just went to WalMart do get an errand done only to discover my battery dead when I get back in my car! Got it jumped so I could get home. With all this lousy luck, God must have something REALLY good for me soon. Please, God...


S said...

{{{Jill}}} It'll be ok.

Anonymous said...

In Jesusistan, the only "dirty" allowed is the money used to pay off Congressmen.