Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Just Try To Buy American

America is being sold down the river and nobody cares. With the controversy about the UAE deal to take over the ports what else is new? I can remember years ago Goodyear ran a commercial touting the pride they had in their product. The tagline spoken was something like "we are so proud of our product that we sign our name to it". Let's see that now. I remember when WalMart proudly said that they saved America money by selling quality products made in America. Seen anything made in Amaerica in WalMart lately? It wasn't that long ago we were astonished to hear that the Japanese were buying prime real estate in the good old USA. We got all huffy over this. Our country has changed a lot in less than 50 years. What happened to the steel industry? Maybe the team should not be called the Steelers anymore. The texile industry has disappeared. Try calling Customer Service with almost any company and you will probably be routed to some place in India. Here in Houston most of the motels being built these days are owned by Indians. Convenience stores are frequently owned and run by Pakistani or Viet or Chinese. Make no mistake these are all American citizens. A lot of construction work in the area is done by Hispanic (many legal residents, others not). Funny how people in New Orleans gripe about "Mexicans" are taking all the work of the rebuilding. Go to a car dealership and look at the sticker on the window of any vehicle. Don't just look at the price or the milage. Look at where the parts were made and where things were assembled.

All of the things mentioned, should make us think a little harder about what our country has become. We really are a melting pot of various people, cultures and businesses. The future control of some of our largest ports just brings into question, why we have let this happen.How come there is no American company willing to take on the task of port management of American ports? Is it too expensive? Are we incapable of managing our own business?

Then of course Radio Shack is reeling under the news that their CEO lied about his qualifications. This is nothing new. The numbers of people padding resumes is growing and there are not enough people to check these facts. It did not stop the company from giving him a $1,000,000 (small by some standards) severance package.

We have become lazy. We are more interested in arguing which political party is right and who hand is in whose pocket. We pound our collective chests with pride during sports events, but we don't seem to care that our country is being bought, and run not by us but by outsiders. We need to pay attention. Now, this is just my opinion, but having dealt many of these "different" people,the "good old American" way is about to be a thing of the past. Now, let me go make some coffee in my not made in America coffee pot,find a clean un-American made shirt, turn on my made in China printer, and watch my Korean made TV. Later, I'll run an errand in my car which was assembled in places like Canada, Korea, and Mexico.


Mish said...

Fully agree - look inward to growth and outward for diplomacy.

I studied economics at University I will never forget the trade agreement that the US made with China. Great preferential tarrifs because the Chinese were going to by Capital goods. Well they bought some machines. Used them 24/7 with 3 shifts a day trippling their output capacity. When they were about to wear out they got Taiwan to copy them and then mass built the taiwanese design machines in China. $10 billion dollar trade deficit in 5 years.