Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Baseball Song and Dance

I am now ready for the end of interleague play. What is it with the American League? Are they really that good, or is the National League just that bad? The American League has won most of the All-Star games lately. I'm tired of our teams being used for target practice. Why cant the NL take control? I wonder how many NL fans have decided not to watch the remaining games? It is depressing. No wonder Phil Garner threw a chair. Of course sometimes a fit of temper will fire up a team. It's worked before. Roy Oswalt got mad and started a winning streak. Let's just get on with the season. The All-Star break is near, time for a short vacation. Time to regroup and rethink the plans. Then it will be time for the real race to the series, or a little chin music. Hey, Roger, let's show the AL who is boss. Just remember, you're in the NL now. After all you did say you need to back those guys off the plate.

Since the Rocket starts tonight, how 'bout a little sweet music? Show our young guns how to do it...Please. Remember you're in the National League now. Make your hometown proud, please. Time to get started on the real race for the World Series.


Trinity13 said...

We have been trying to get to a baseball game here lately, but we have just been so busy. And since I refuse to watch it on tv, going to the actual game is the only way for me to get my baseball fix...and hotdog fix (at dime a dog night)!

Debra said...

The American League just hits better... and seems to play better. Wait until the AL wins the All-Star again.. gaining home field advantage for what?? the fourth year in a row?

BTW, found your blog from the BlogHer blogroll (where I'm an editor).