Monday, June 26, 2006

It's Monday Again!

I'm still reeling after the 'stros finally won a game against the White Sox. Once again the bullpen blew up and tried to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory. You'd think 9 runs would be a large enough lead. Roy Oswalt pitched a good game, only to watch is disbelief as the relievers, yet again, tried to lose the game. It's enought to drive you nuts!

Well, at least I got another washer this weekend. No more handwashing. It takes so little to make me happy. Ha. I remember when my mother got a new, under the sink, garbage can.She was so happy. I thought she was crazy, now I understand.

Did anyone see the Minor League manager's meltdown?. Just wait till he sees himself on tv! I'm astounded that the umpire had the patience to stand still and ignore the tirade. Talk about arguing a call! Funnier yet is the story Koby Clemens will have to tell his daddy, since he was the player on second base!

Where did our weekend go. Grocery shopping, washer shopping, Astro stressing... We ended up not getting groceries until Sunday, because some idiot needed a hose connector put on so that the laborers could pressure wash one of the buildings under construction. This couldn't have been done during the week? So, our Saturday plans got interrupted so Jimmy could fix it for them. It took longer to drive to the place than it did to fix the problem. As Jimmy left the laborers were no where in sight. They were supposed to help him but they conviently disappeared.

At least the washer is going and there is no water on the floor. Maybe it will be a nice day. By the way, want to buy a bridge?


Pixie said...

WOOHOO on beating the White Sox! I haven't caught a game yet this season, I'm still pouting over the Mav's losing.........

Duez said...

That minor league meltdown was classic.

Garner just about went ballistic tonight, too. And he had plenty of reason. CB F'in Buckner threw out Berkman before his helmet even hit the ground. That was ridiculous.