Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Guard Duty in the Backyard

Daisy has become the defender of the backyard. Any thing that flies over around or through the yard is fair game. Be it bird, butterfly, bee, moth, plane, or helicopter, it's cause for a hunt. Daisy thinks of herself as the Great Red Hunter. Every day she scours the trees, fence and sky above, just in case there is something to chase. So as we walked around the yard Saturday she discovered a young blackbird hopping along the ground. Quickly, I made Daisy go into the house. After all the parents were lurking in the trees yapping to their young one. A little while later while I was watching tv I heard the plantif cries of the baby close to the house. I went outside and discovered that the baby bird had hopped/semi-flew into the water of our little waterfall pond. I though he would be moving soon, so I just left him there. But, he wouldnt move. Here I come to save the day. Thinking that if I tried to get him out with my hand, his parents might abandon him. So I found a thin board about 1 inch wide and 2 feet long. I slowly pushed the board toward him and managed to get his feet on it.I lifted him out of the water and set him and the board down on the patio. He'll dry off and get away, I thought. A little while later, he was still there bleating helplessly. So, I picked up the board and put him "undercover" near the shrubs at the back of the house. I checked on him several times, cause I did not want either Daisy or Lady to go after him. He apparently felt at ease, but not able to fly yet. He hopped all around the back yard. He hopped around by the house, around the back fence and the side fences. I really didnt want him to try to go to the yards next door. He went to the back corner where the fence is chewed up by our periodic canine visitor. Then he went to the side where the 2 pitbulls are. I know, I'm a soft touch, but I wanted to at least give him a fighting chance. His parents continued to fly around in a frenzy. He was stil hopping around Sunday morning. I dont know which was the bigger challenge, keeping daisy away, or hoping he would soon get his wings and fly away. Finally,I noticed that the blackbirds were not as paniced as before. I did not find any evidence of disaster. I guess he finally learned to fly. So all is well in the backyard. Daisy is back on guarding the yard from interlopers. A few moths and flies are missing. Daisy hasnt caught that plan yet, but she still trys.