Thursday, June 08, 2006

How To Kill A Microwave

I read a story the other day about a woman who killed her microwave oven. How did she do it! Did she try to cook something in metal? Did she accidently leave a spoon in the dish? No, she tried to clean it with steel wool. Uh, did she not think of using some and water or any liquid cleaner? The inside surface wipes clean easily. Well, easy for some people. I know that sometimes food sticks or splatters. Wiping down the walls or the bottom is not hard. Granted sometimes it takes a little work and time to get the stuck on food off. But steel wool? This woman must have taken the entire surface off. Come on, it's not that hard to clean. It's even easy to get odors out. Simply putting a (glass)cup with vinegar in to boiling will clean out the odors. I don't mean to make fun, but did she not notice what she was doing? After all it could be worse. I have a self-cleaning oven that wont self clean. The one time I tried it, all it did was stink up the house and didn't do any cleaning. Back to basics standard Easy Off oven cleaner.

At least microwave ovens are fairly cheap these days. I hope she learned her lesson. May her microwave rest in peace.


cube said...

I hate using the self-clean cycle on our oven as well. It takes too
long & it stinks.

Trinity13 said...

I use my magic eraser to clean my works wonders!!!