Monday, June 19, 2006

If It Looks Too Wet, Don't Go

How many times do people in this area go into high water without thinking they could be stuck? The south and east part of our county always gets high water. Why take the chance? Right now we are in the middle of a lot of rain fall. Some parts of the area have had 10 or more inches of rain in the last 24 hours. We who live here should know that certain areas always have high water problems during heavy or prolonged rain. Several areas around I-45 always get high water, yet people still think they can get around it. Right now Hobby airport has no flights coming in or going out. Plus it is in one of the areas where the streets fill up and make in nearly impossible to get to the airport. Then people wonder why they get stuck. Then there are people who get a little water in their house and think the rescue people need to come immediately. Sorry folks, the rescue people have too many emergency calls already. As long as you are not in 4 feet of water, just take it easy. One inch is not a need for ememgency fire rescues. They need to get the 90 year old man with pneumonia out of his house. Sometimes the fire department has to call for large dump trucks to get people out of 2-4 feet or more of water. Right now there are a lot of water rescues going on in southeast Houston. Many of these houses have 6 inches or more and snakes and debris floating. That is an emergency. There are a lot of people with health problems who need help. Electricity is off in some places causing additional problems for people who really need help. It just goes to prove that when the news people on tv and radio tell you to stay home. Do it. Dont try to drive around the already flooded and clogged streets. How many times do the news reports and city officials have to say that if the place looks flooded dont go there.

At least the water is begining to drain in some of the areas. There are a lot of reports of flooded out cars and other damage in some areas. It is going to be a mess to clean up. If people dont need to go out they should just stay home. It's a jungle out there. Patience will be required as this may continue on for a few more days. I stood at my back door watching the water creep up onto the patio. We are keeping watch in case it continues to move closer and if we will have to move some of our stuff. Our neighborhood drains quickly once there is a break in the rain. There is a bayou that separates our subdivisiion from another one which is near flood stage. Glad I dont have to go to work.

Is this a dress rehearsal for something more sinister? There is already a lot of standing water, if it continues to rain a lot of people may start to think(hopefully) about planning in case of a hurricane. We shall see. But some people will still try to go where cars shouldn't. Better luck next time.


Duez said...

Always amazes me how stupid people are in Houston when it rains!

The chances of it ever flooding where i live are very slim, i still have flood insurance.

John-Michael said...

My brother, his wife and one-year-old are in an apartment awaiting their new home in Houston to be completed (moving from Tampa.) Sure hope that they meet good people with sane advice like yours to steer them right.