Thursday, June 15, 2006

Web Page Dizziness

Have you really thought about how easy it is to design a web page? Well, maybe for you, not me. I'm techno-dumb. Some pages are quite good. I've seen all sorts of themes and designs. A lot of people love all the flashing, colorful creatures bouncing around. A little bird here (or there), little bubbles floating everytime the curser moves. Some have little cartoon characters roaming the page. I can't tell you all the different colors I've seen. Some are quite elaborate. My mother was an artist who would probably get a kick out of all this technology. But, she might also say that some of these pages are a bit too busy. With all the colors and motion, it is sometimes hard to focus on the message. Or maybe it's just me. I have a hard time concentrating with so much activity going on. Then again I do envy people who find it easy to create all this stuff. I do enjoy looking at all the different things, but I do get dizzy. Now what were you talking about?


Pixie said...

While doing all these meme's I've seen a lot of really great blogs & some really annoying ones. Like white on black; I can't read that! Some so cute that I want to puke. And then I come back to my pitiful excuse for a blog. However, I've got someone working on it...... well he says he is but more than likely it won't ever happen. I've tried blog skeins but they are sometimes hard to figure out. After spending the day surfing 100+ blogs; your's is definately nice to come to & just read. :-)

ogres are like onions said...

My favorite color is blue so your blog is extra pleasant to the eye. I'm also html illiterate! My brother won't teach me how! I scammed my blog's features a little from here and there. How do I pull it off? See a blog I like. Click "source". Read weird text. Imagine reading foreign storybook. Click own blog's "source". Compare. Pick out differences. Try it on own blog.

Tough. I know.