Friday, June 23, 2006

Better Luck Next Time

Sigh---the Rocket didn't get off the pad. Seems as if Roger was uncomfortable and unfocused. Of course he obviously has not had much work prior to this start. Lets face it the minors aren't the same quality as the Twins. And there were a few ball calls that I thought were strikes, but I guess that was just wishful thinking. And just like last year the bats were absent from home plate. The Twins pitcher was very good. Hoepfully things will be better next time.

Thanks for all your suggestions for our washer problems. Looking into it I think Jimmy is about to the point of saying, "the Hell with it, let's just get another one". The thought of jacking with it one more time is enough to make him want to throw it over the stair railing and into the street. Maybe the next one will work better. Then of course we could get the washer and dryer out of Amanda's storage unit. But that washer occasionally leaks too. It was Jimmmy's mom's. Maybe we should just go buy a cheap one and let them deliver and set it up. Yeah, let them drag it up the stairs and try to squeeze it in the laundry closet. Ha!

Better luck next year to the Rice Owls who are now out of the College World Series. So all my college teams lost, Texas, Alabama, and Rice. Now I dont care who wins!

And lastly, better luck next time Daisy. I know you pooped on the carpet cause you didn't want to do it in the grass. I can't help it if it has rained so much the grass is higher than your belly! We'll cut the grass as soon as is drys out enough!

Let's see if luck is on our side tonight--repeat of the World Series with the Sox!!


Jay Noel said...

The Rocket wasn't even a firecracker...I'm sure once he gets going, he'll be nearly unstoppable.

Bryndell said...

OMG...when he booked it for that play at first base, me and Bobby were laughing so hard, cause Ausmus had to come out to the mound so he could catch his breath...I kow it was a good play...but we couldnt help but laugh..."The Rocket is out of fuel!" "Hey Phil, send Brad back, huff huff"

But we love him anyway!