Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Watching Shopping Carts

A shopping cart is not just a repository on wheels. It tells tales. Watching carts and the people pushing them is an interesting glimpse into American life. There is the mom with kids in tow. You dont even have to see her to figure out her life. If she's got cereals like Apple Jacks or Fruit Loops, most likely her kids are young. Of course the Hot Wheels car and Bratz doll she was bribed into buying is a dead give-away. Then there is the dad who has been sent on an errand to pick up a few things. Three items somehow multiply into twenty-three. Thought we might need these,or these were on sale. Doesn't matter that there are already ten in the pantry. Then there are the teenagers. The girls check out the DVDs and CDs and seem to need a whole lot of make-up. Doesn't matter that they are just as pretty without it. How many times have I seen newlyweds buying everything from dishes and glasses to candles and his and her shampoos. Then on the weekend you can tell all the guys getting ready for the big game. Lots of beer of various brands and ice in the cart.Sometimes there might actually be food there too. And let's not forget the guy with a case of toilet paper. Either he's got a lot people in his house or he is really full of sh*t. Shopping carts don't lie.


Pixie said...

That's hilarious! More so since I don't do the shopping except once in a blue moon & when I send George for milk; he comes home with tons of groceries! And ROFL at the TP comment.

C Merry said...

LOL @ the TP comment.. great post :)

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