Thursday, June 29, 2006

Remotely Addicted to the Remote

I blame my husband. It's all his fault. Everytime we'd sit together watching tv what woould he do? Channel surf!! Ok, I can see surfing through the commercials, but the programs too? He'd frequently try to watch two or three programs or games at the same time. Of course we'd miss something important on the other channel while he was doing this. I'd get frustrated and want to grab the remote away from him.

Now I must admit I have fallen into the trap. I just can't sit and watch one show all the way through and with a few exceptions commercials breeze by.Of course the networks never help either. Why do they always have to put my favorite shows opposite each other? It never fails, one season a good show debuts and I get hooked. Next season it's moved to a time-slot which conflicts with another show I like. So, I end up surfing. Since I tend to be a news junkie I frequently get annoyed with our local channels doing the same stories over and over. So, I check out CNN, or Fox to see what is going on. Or maybe I'll watch a sports talk show, or even a game. The games of the Astros lately have become a remote challenge. Do I switch before or after they start losing. Or do I throw the remote?

Alas, I'm afraid I can't surf anymore, so sad. Now what am I going to do? Thanks alot Jimmy! Now I am addicted to the remote! Our remote has finally passed on to the remote heaven. Battery changes helped for a while. Now, however, it has finally given up and wont work. I'm lost because not only have I become addicted to the remote, ours came with the tv and has a channel guide so I can see the schedule and a brief synopsis of each program. Now I am really lost!Poor thing. It's been through temper tantrums and grandkids dropping, inlaws reeking havoc with it to Daisy trying to chew on it. I guess I'll just have to say a few words over it before I throw it out and go buy a new one.

Thanks for the memories you gave us, dear remote. We will miss you. That is until we can get another. Can I get one with a channel guide? Probably not, sigh.


Steve Kenul said...

I tend to do that too. On some occasions, I will have three shows running at once and want to watch all three.