Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Well Maybe

Ok, maybe I didnt exorcise the Astros' demons by hosing my parrot Astro. Astro did seem to enjoy his shower after the initial shock of the cage cleaning. But, the Astros did win last night. I'd like to think I played a small part(hey, I can dream).Or maybe it was Jim Deshaies jacket. He wears it sparingly, only when the 'Stros are in need of some "help". When he wears it the team usually wins or stops a losing streak. What ever! At least we won. We'll take it any way we can! So, since Oswalt is on the DL another rookie pitcher will take the mound this afternoon. We will see how Chris Sampson does as he gets thrown into the fire.

At least the Rocket's first tune-up went well. Must have been fun to play with his son. Apparently some of the $8.00 tickets to the Legends game were going for upwards of $400.00 on eBay. After all, how often does an A class team get to play with a true legend and sure Hall of Famer.

I just wonder when Brandon Backe will be back. Hopefully it will be soon. With Clemens we could call them the BC powder to get rid of the Astros' headaches. Yeah, I know that was cheezy. But with the season we've had anything would help. Actually we are still in a better position than last year. The Astros aren't dead yet. And just maybe my parrot and I played a part. If you believe that...


Trinity13 said...

Congrats to your Astros!

Duez said...

The jacket was crazy! Funny how he said, "I have to put it up on the shelf I don't want to use it up (speaking of the magic)."

The hometown kid sure did well today!